Labeling Solutions





Ink Jetting

Through the use of sophisticated ink-jetting equipment, Britech can permanently mark various surfaces with small to large text. Connectors, metal components, cables and other items can be custom marked for any application.

Hot Stamping

Wires and assemblies are permanently imprinted vertically, with any alphanumeric code — for easy identification and maximum organization.


Our engraving system allows us to create labels in any shape or size the customer requires and also provides enhanced durability under extreme conditions.

Other Marking/Printing Equipment

  • Phoenix Contact Terminal Block Plotter
  • Graphtec CS500 Pro 42” Color Scanner
  • Hewlett-Packard Plotter Designjet 500PS
  • Phoenix Contact Adhesive labeling system

Wire Marking Equipment

  • Phoenix Contact Shrink label system
  • Brady TLS-2200
  • Brady Wraptor
  • Domino Inkjet A100 (for Straight and Irregular Surfaces)
  • Eubanks 67200 Hot-Stamp Wire Markers (2)
  • Gettig Series 12 Labeling System
  • Nippon M-1 Tape and Tube Marker
  • Panduit Label Printers PTR2 (1) and PTR2E (2)
  • RK Loepke CH-9322 Handheld Hot-Stamp Machine


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